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About Us


1. Overseas sourcing and manufacturing, Freight forwarding service.
2. Domestic services such as product development and graphic art.
3. Marketing and sales.

Under one roof AASA is everything you need to bring your new product to market. We specialize in helping new companies to bring their product to life by offering a complete package (EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL). Many of our customers have limited experiences not only with overseas manufacturing but have never created product (for consumer market) before. Our proven staff and partners have years of experience, that will help your company adopt quickly through the learning curve and if you do have some experience in dealing with overseas manufacturing we can help fine tune your approach and provide your company with additional options for overseas manufacturing.


1. We are more than just Chinese sourcing company. We do sourcing from Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Russian, Malaysia an Phillipines too.
2. We allow you to work and deal with the factories directly.
3. We will get you GREAT factory paying terms
4. AASA makes a very small commssion on all orders. In most cases we get you such a GREAT price, you do not even feel our commssion. Therefore, you get factory direct prices.
5. We assign your very own project manager that lives in Asia and works directly with your factory.
6. We are the only sourcing company that helps you with sales and marketing.
7. We are the only sourcing company that can help you get a small business loan for your new company or establish one.
8. We are the only sourcing company that will connect you to the right partners for Graphic art and legal protection
9. We give you a full factory audit on all your potential suppliers.


Many agents and trading partners can make up to 40% profit for their services. Here at AASA we make a small commission of about 5%. You pay us a onetime fee up front and then and then a commission of 5% on all bulk orders. Its almost like getting the direct factory prices. In fact we do such a good job negotiating prices that in most cases you will not feel our commission.

AASA is a USA based company that has over a dozen staff members located in Asian market. The overseas staff consists of sourcing experts, project managers and engineers. Your day-to-day contact will be with your overseas representative (that will be assign to you) but we are always a phone call or email away if you need any help for any topic at all. Each one of our overseas team has at least 15 years of experience in sourcing and managing factories. You will find that their communication skills are not only excellent, but their customer service will provide
                     you with entire experience that is enjoyable. Our team is located in Asia.


We feel that having a connection directly with factory if required is very important for the communication and adding credibility to the entire process. You have three sets of people to communicate when required.

1. Our USA based team.
2. Your project manager in Asia.
3. Factory management.

NO other sourcing company to our knowledge offers such a strong communication formula.

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Finding the perfect factory for your product is the most important step of the entire process. Our overseas team trained to evaluate, inspect, and identify a factory that can be a long-term partner. Each factory we recommend must have strong grades on six major criteria’s. They are:

1. Strong management and communication skills.
2. Strong quality control team on staff with well define systems.
3. The right technology to make your products.
4. Made similar products in the past. A learning curve.
5. Availability and complicity to take on your product and deliver a complete finished product in an acceptable amount of timeline.
6. If criteria 1-5 is acceptable, then factory must come back to us with feasible pricing.


We know you have choices when choosing whom to collaborate with, when it comes to overseas manufacturing. We hope this gives you a good starting point on who we are and what we can do for you.

Please call us and learn more about our services overseas and domestic services that we have to offer.

We have many customers who are established businesses.

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