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We will transfer your creation onto a 3D CAD Drawing. We will call out raw materials, manufacturing process and bring your product to life. Then we can make a prototype that can help you validate your design, before taking it overseas to manufacturers. Your great idea is worthless if you do not have the tools to design it. Then once product is fully develop, we will communicate with overseas factory to make sure they fully understand fit, form and function of the design you just created.

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A. We start with a Feasibility Study.

B. Creating 3D CAD drawings. Our state of the art “solidworks” CAD Drafting software enables AASA to do each part of your consumer product design with total accuracy. We design every part with manufacturing in mind so that it is efficient and economical. We prepare CAD drawing packages for overseas manufacturers to review, resulting in accurate estimates for tooling costs and component part prices.

C. We will convert your drawing, your vision into a prototypes made here in the USA. It is important that we validate you design before moving it to Asia for bulk manufacturing. It is during the prototypes stage, if any tweaks, improvements or changes are required to the final design, our team will handle this.

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Prototypes are a key tool in the product development process because they can save significant time and expense. Prototypes serve different functions. A proof of concept prototype may not look beautiful, but it demonstrates that the intended features do indeed work! Our appearance prototypes show potential investors how the product will look and feel before going into production. The Prototype can also act as a base mark sample to the overseas factory.
D. Choosing the right overseas manufacture & communicating with them during every step of the way. It is important to know that you are working with a manufacturer that will produce consistent & high quality products at an agreed price & in an agreed timeline. It is also important to have clear communication with the manufacturer so that important design features do not get lost in translation. Once your product designed in the USA, we will continue to work with your factory to make sure the mass production stage goes smoothly & efficiently.


1. Electronic engineering

2. Mechanical engineering and manufacturing engineering

3. Materials engineering

4. Software engineering

5. Automotive engineer

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Do not Risk, Losing the Rights to Your Intellectual Property

DO NOT take your product to market without protecting it first from potential copycats? Make sure your product, is fully protected with a trademark and a patent. Our team will fully make sure your new product is protected and not be easily copied by potential competitors. Without legal product protection, your idea can be stolen even before you hit market.

1. Software Patents  2. Household Device Patents  3. Medical Patents
4. Consumer goods Patents  5. Process Patents  6. Electronics Patents
7. Business Method Patents  8. Mechanical Patents
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A Google search will not tell you certain, if your idea exists. We will conduct a thorough search at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and additional countries if you choose too, to find similar inventions that came before yours, which is known as the “prior art”. After searching for prior art we will advise you whether your invention is patent-able in light of previous inventions. In many cases, our team can make suggestions to your design that will make your product more easily patented.

In 2016, there were more than half a million patents filed in the United States. While there are at least six different types of patents issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the three most common types are utility patents, design patents and plant patents.

In general, a “utility patent” protects the way an article is used and works (35 U.S.C. 101), while a “design patent” protects the way an article looks (35 U.S.C. 171). The ornamental appearance for an article includes its shape/configuration or surface ornamentation applied to the article or both.


Under U.S., patent law, any person who “invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof, may obtain a patent”. The invention must have some utility or usefulness. The invention must not be obvious.

Patent pending is the term used to describe a patent application filed with the patent office, but has not issued as a patent. Patent pending indicates that the inventor is pursuing protection, but the scope of protection, or whether a patent will even issue, is still undetermined.

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Our graphic artist will give your company an identity. We will make sure your product is consumer ready by creating packaging that fits your products look and feel.

Our goal here is to create Brand recognition and awareness.  Brand recognition is the ability of a consumer to recognize one brand over other brands. In other words, it is the ability of consumers to identify your product by its attributes and design elements. Our goal for your new company is to make sure your products can be correctly identify to a particular product just by viewing your products logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign.

If you need help on logo, branding collateral, websites, stationery design, catalogs, sales tools or anything else that will help market your product. Your goal is to have your company stand out, and be eye catchy to any potential customers out there. We can offer you with modern, professional, creative, high-end, eye-catchy, dynamic and interactive design and development services that can provide
you an edge on your competitors in the market place.

3RD PARTY BANK LOANS (For Small Business)

Starting a new company can be expensive. Money not only needed for design and mass production, but for sales and marketing support too. Our brokers can connect the dots and match you with potential lenders, focus on small businesses.

Through our vast partnerships formed over a combined 20 years of service working in the small business sector, we have the resources to help your business take shape. Whether you are in the beginning stage and seeking startup capital, or you are in growth mode, we will provide dedicated service to fit you into the right program. We have different products that can assist with good or bad credit, short or long-term requirements, poor or positive cash flow. Below is a list of the services; we assist in:

1. Merchant processing.  |   2. SBA loans.   |   3. Factory loans.
4. Lines of credit.   |   5. Business credit cards.   |   6. Cash advances.
7. Short-term bridge loans.   |   8. Inventory/equipment financing.

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