Learn how your company can escape new chinese duties/tax.
AASA has staff located in INDIA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA

These countries are alternatives to high chinese duties.
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To reduce the risk of overseas manufacturing on two major fronts timeline and quality. AASA does this by finding the perfect factory for your product requirements, and then we manage your factory on day-to-day bases including several inspections on each order.

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We want to get you the best possible price direct from the factory, that is why we make only a 5% commission. We want all of our customers to get the best pricing, you can possibly get. As that gives you the greatest chance for success.

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To make your communication strong throughout the entire process. You have three groups to communicate. AASA in the USA, your account representative located at origin (Asia), and factory team. We feel the stronger your communication is the better our efficiency will be. Therefore, leading to an enjoyable and successful experience.

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We are here to help our customers with sales and marketing. Too many new companies do not have the skill set when it comes to sales and marketing. Here at AASA we will introduce you to our partners that will help you market and sell your unique new products.

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Our No. 1 mission is to have the entire experience with Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) to be enjoyable and profitable. Therefore, you will use us again on new products or recommend us to a friend. When that happens, our mission was successful

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