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How do you know what country is the best place to product my product with. I see you offer manufacturing in Asia.

Raw materials usually decides what countries are the best to go for manufacturing. Countries that have the raw materials to produce your unique product with are usually the cheapest and most experienced. Each country specializes in different industries based on origins of raw goods.

Does Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) eliminate the risks for oversea's manufacturing?

No sourcing company can eliminate the risk in overseas manufacturing. If any company does claim that “RUN”. That being said Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) does eliminates the risk by doing the following:

A. Learning about your products, goals and expectations.
B. Making sure we find the perfect factory. We do this by evaluating several factories and share our results with you (Factory audit).
C. Managing your factory on a daily bases.
D. Several strong inspections of your products, on all phases, starting with raw material complaints to completed production, 3rd party inspection.

Who will be my account manager responsible for communicating with me?

You will have three sets of people to for communication.

A. Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) USA based account representative.
B. Asian account manager, bridge between factory and your company.
C. Factory directly ( if and when needed) it is up to you.

How do you find new factories?

The only way to evaluate a factory is to go down meet with them and review them. This will not be possible by reviewing websites or speaking to them by email or by phone. Some of the best factories have terrible websites and do not speak English well or at all, some of the worst factories have great websites and not only speak English well, they are great sales people too.

You cannot judge a book by its cover. You need to spend real time at the factory and learning much about them before you can evaluate them. This cannot be done by an email relationship or reviewing their websites!

Can I communicate directly with factory?

Yes, any time. We will coach you in the best way to communicate with factory staff. When and if you communicate with factory we ask you to copy in your account managers at all time. If a phone call is required, your account manager will be on call too.

How does Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) gets paid?

We have a onetime fee up front and then $125.00 every month for continue support. We never make any markup or commission on bulk overseas manufacturing. This way your company will be getting the best overseas pricing, as commission is never tag onto your manufacturing costs.

Why do we pay the factory directly and not Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA)

We at AASA are here to help you in every way possible. However, we want you to have a terrific relationship with your factory. The group that pays the factory will have the most power with the factory. We want that to be our customer. Paying the factory directly has many benefits including building a solid foundation with factory management team.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my factory you choose for us?

If any of our customers are not happy with the selected factory, we can do many things. First thing is to get a solid understanding of why you are not satisfied and to try to correct it with the factory. (AASA) will be very involved in it trying to improve factory performance and communication.

If our best efforts failed, and you are still not satisfied with the factory, (AASA) will start the process again and find you a new factory that is more compatible to your needs. 95% of the times, our clients are satisfied with factory selection from our first choice. That being said it is our responsibility to find you a great long-term relationship with a factory even if it takes more than one try. There is NO additional fee besides the $125 monthly fee.

Why should I do my product development in the USA and not Asia?

Asians are great in copying your drawings and producing product for less pricing than American and Canadian based companies could. However, these countries are not good in creating, designing, and being original. Asian workforce lags behind are creativity. If you ask the Asian engineer to design something that does not exist or make modifications to products, you are setting them up for failure.

All creativity, drawings and prototypes should be made in the USA or Canada not Asia!

How long does it take to move freight ( MY ORDER) from Asia to USA? Do you have a professional freight forwarder that can help us with this? What are the costs for moving freight?

1. Freight out of Asia to USA is 45-60 days. East coast is longer transit time then west coast.

2. Freight out of Vietnam and India is 45-60 days. East coast is longer transit time then west coast.

Our freight partners not only will get you the best prices possible, but they will provide you with terrific customer service. Feel free to use our partners or your own.

Why should I make my product in Asia and not the USA & Canada?

It is a very competitive world out there. Most consumers are looking for the best prices possible. Making your product in Asia allows you to reduce your cost of goods by 30-70% compared to USA and Canada best manufacturing price. The spread in savings based on your product type and industry you are. The lower your cost of goods are the cheaper your price can be to the consumer.

The more expensive your product is the more limited the market you have to sell it. The cheaper your retail price is, the wider the range of potential customers purchasing your products.

That said, not every product produced in Asia allows for cost savings. When you speak to us, we will review your product, industry and costing strategies. We will tell you up front if your product made for Asian manufacturing. About 90% of all products coming to us will brings real cost savings with overseas manufacturing.

Do I need to use all your services or can I use just some. I would like to use some of my own services?

AASA is the most complete sourcing and overseas manufacturing company in North America. We offer so many services its almost impossible to use them all. Pick and choose what you want to use from us. That being said we do suggest you review and evaluate ( as many of our services as possible) to see if its the right fit and choice for you. Our team and partners know how to bring consumer products to market.

Does AASA make commission on my orders overseas orders?

NO… We are the only known sourcing company that we know of that does not make any profit on bulk orders.(NO COMMISSION TAGGED TO ORDERS). We do this so you get the best possible price oversea’s, therefore having the greatest chance to be successful. . Instead we make our money from the one time upfront fee and monthly fees of $150.00 each month. Many agents and souring companies make money on both fees and high commissions. Some sourcing agents make as much as 35% commission and sometimes more. You pay the factories direct. We make 0 percent commissions on all of your orders.

How much staff do you have oversea's and what are there positions?

AASA team in the USA is only as good as our staff on the ground in Asia. Our oversea’s staff is located on the ground in Asia. We have about 12 overseas team members. There titles consist of Engineers , project managers, and sourcing experts. Our staff is trained to evaluate factories, build strong relationships with supply base and managed quality and timelines. After prices are given out and approved by your side, you will be introduced to your oversea’s team leader.

What happens if I need more then one factory because I am producing a very complicated product? What happens if my product needs to rely on several factories that each are responsible for different parts of the product?

Most of the products that AASA will be introduced to will need more then one factory. The more complicated the product is, the more likely additional factories will be needed to produce your unique product. Its AASA job to make sure that all the factories work together with one common goal. That is to produce the best quality product with favorable pricing. In many cases the lead factory ( main factory) will be responsible in managing the other factories with AASA help.

How can Sourcing Alliance (AASA) help my company get sales?

Having a sales strategy is critical for the success of your company. Selling direct to consumers or selling your products to USA and Canadian retailers AASA can help with both. We will teach you how to build a sales-force. We will also introduce you to our partners who are experts in the field in building web base sales or selling to retailers….Our business partners will help you drive traffic to your site.It does not matter how good of a job we do for you with overseas manufacturing , if your not successful selling your products. AASA job is completed not when your product arrives to North America, But when your products sell. LETS US HELP YOU WITH SALES FOR THE USA & CANADA MARKETS.

Why should I use your graphic artist over other options I might have?

Our graphic artist specializes in consumer goods. They will focus on making sure your product looks commercially , “retail ready”. They will make sure everything they do for you ( website, catalogs, business cards and packaging, are all uniformed and blend together nicely.

If you have a graphic artist with similar experience, we think that could be a good options. If you do not have a graphic artist, or they have limited experience with consumer products, we ask you to give us a chance.
You will enjoy working with our team and get very good results.

I do not want to let anybody know who my factory is. Does Sourcing Alliance (AASA) keep this information private?

Yes…. We will never let anyone know who your factory is. Keeping your suppliers confidential is critical. If your competition finds out who your factories are, this can cause allot of pain. This is personal business information that will never be shared with anyone.

What type of contracts or agreements does Sourcing Alliance (AASA) have to protect my-side and call out responsibilities?

We will send you a contract by email. Its calls out what our responsibilities are with detailing what you should expect from AASA. We clearly call out the cost for our services so they will be no surprises. This contract protects both sides (AASA and you).

I live in Canada, is AASA able to be our sourcing & manufacturing partner?

Yes, certainly. We accept customers from USA and Canada as both countries have very similar laws.

Do you have staff members who are engineers and can read drawings. Even more important follow manufactures blue print for design?

Yes, we have engineers located at each country ( Asia). They are fully educated and have years of experiences managing product development and overseeing quality on orders. These staff members are critical to AASA success. Not only are they capable of reading drawings, they have the skill set to suggest product enhancements and call out ways to improve manufacturing efficiency.

What is the the advantage of a sourcing company being located in the USA VS based in Asia?

We hope you choose us ( AASA). But if you have other options, make sure there USA based and have staff on the ground at origin where your manufacturing is located. A USA based sourcing company has lots of advantages. They are familiar with USA and Canada law and are bound by it. They are available during working hours. Strong communications skills. A true understanding of how to be successful in the North American markets as our standards are higher then Asian markets. You will have a much better experience dealing with a sourcing partner located in North America soil vs. having a sourcing company based in Asia.

Why should you not choose a sourcing and manufacturing company that has you pay them directly and they in then pay the factory? Why does this put you at a disadvantage?

Paying the factory directly has allot of advantages. You truly know what the real cost is as paying a middleman hides the true cost of goods. Paying the factory directly also gives you some pull with supplier as the payer earns some power and respect from factory management team. Paying the factory directly gives you more control.

You said on an earlier question... there is an upfront fee and a monthly fee for all your services. Can you please tell me more about these fees. I would like to have a clear understanding on what my company has to pay you.

We would like you to call us for a meeting. We will clearly call out what the fees are during our phone conversation. We will also back this up with a detailed contract protecting both sides. You will fully understand by the end of the call our fees so they will never be any surprises.

If you do your homework you will find out that are fees are much much less then any other overseas sourcing company. We also offer so much more services for your money.
We truly earn every penny we receive from you. We will call it value added strategies by hiring us. Who you hire for a sourcing company might just be the biggest decision you make for your company. We are very affordable and efficient.

What is AASA social compliance criteria when choosing a new factory?

AASA makes sure that any factory we choose to do business with has high criteria for working conditions for each and every staffer. We also make sure that there is no child labor. In addition each worker must have a safe environment and get paid for work they do. We understand that in many of these Asian factories will not have the same standard as European, USA or Canadian standards. That being said we do pay strong attention to social compliance’s and we demand from the factory a good working environment for all there staffers. If a factory does not meet our standards they will not be allowed to bid on your product. This is one of the reasons why AASA does a full factory audit before allowing any factory to price out products.

What if we no longer want to use AASA, but still want to use the factory you found for our company ( without you) ? We are very satisfied with AASA , but we now have the learning curve and feel we are ready to manage the factory with out you.

Most of our customers will keep us hired for the long term as our monthly fees are very small price to pay considering all we can do for your company on a daily bases. Most of our customer base sees AASA as value added for a very small monthly fee.
That being said we understand as our customer you have options and if they day comes you no longer feel you need us, we make it very easy for you to move on with the factory without us.

We call it an exit strategy that allows you to break our contract for a very very small fee.

Please call us and we will explain the costs along with the details of this exit strategy . The details to this exit strategy is also called out on your contract.

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