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STEP 01:

Once you have committed to Asian American Sourcing Alliance (AASA) we will schedule an appointment with you and learn as much as possible about your product, company and expectations. This will allow our staff to come up with the best sourcing and manufacturing strategy as possible based on requirements.

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STEP 02:

We will do our research and development to check which country will be best for your products in China, India, Vietnam, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil and more. Then together with our customer, we will decide where to produce your products.

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STEP 03:

(AASA) will evaluate at least 3 to 4 potential factories that can produce your products. Then limit the choice down to the best two. We will ask these two factories to provide us with their quotations and will do the negotiations.

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STEP 04:

(AASA) will provide you with a full factory audit and will re-evaluate reports on the two factories we selected for you. Together with our customer, we will choose which factory we will go forward with based on cost, factory overall abilities and reputation.

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STEP 05:

Once the factory selected, we will be assigning an account manager on Asian side. They will be your new go to person who will be managing your account in Asia. They will help you manage communication, timeline and quality for your product. You will also have the factory contacts, if you choose to or want to communicate with them at any point in the process.

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STEP 06:

The factory will then start with the sample process. They will be responsible in making a perfect samples based on your drawings or prototype. In many cases, tooling and molding will need to be produce before a sample could be make. Factory cannot start mass production until you are completely satisfied that the factory first article sample is correct or close enough which will be your call to make.

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STEP 07:

Once factory samples are approved mass production will start. Your account manager on Asian side will be responsible to keeping you updated throughout the entire process. At this time, a 35% deposit will be payable to factory directly from customer.

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STEP 08:

Your account manager will be responsible to inspect your product during many stages of the manufacturing process including raw goods inspection.

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STEP 09:

Once mass production is completed, we will hire a third party inspection company to re-evaluate the finished product. This is a full day inspection.

We will share with our customer the full extent of the inspection report. The decision to ship product or not to ship product will be based on this detailed inspection report. If production approved, the balance of the money owed – 65% require to be paid.

If production needs some tweaking before shipping, factory at this point of time will correct your product. After bulk production corrected, we will do a factory re-inspection for another full day, if required. Once production is approved from AASA and your side, final payment is then owed.

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STEP 10:

(AASA) will introduce you to our preferred freight forwarding company that will be responsible for shipping your product from Asia factory right to your door. The transit time is usually 45-60 days. If you do not want to use our freight forwarding company, we welcome yours to move your product.

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STEP 11:

(AASA) will handle all the paper work to make sure there is a smooth transfer of goods from Asia to USA. This includes export and import documents along with duties classification and government taxes.

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STEP 12:

You will be receiving your order at your doorstep. At that time, we will be congratulating our customer for completion of their order and will be looking forward for doing future sourcing with them.

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